4/28 Panel Discussion•5/5 Q&A Session•5/12 Church Vote•

Over the last several years, RockPointe Church has experienced an average of 11% growth year after year. That growth has impacted all of our ministry spaces, especially in our children and student areas.

Five years ago we moved in to 30,000 sq ft of new space. Recently, our ministry leaders have sought any creative & efficient uses of space, on Sunday morning and throughout the week. We added parking places and parked cars on the grass. But none of these are nearly enough: we regularly run children & student rooms beyond maximum capacity, limiting our options to “make more and better followers of Christ”.

We assembled a diverse team tasked with strategically assessing available expansion options to respond to our need for additional space. Suggestions evaluated were building on our current land, renting and renovating a vacated grocery store building, and building new on land nearby. A tremendous opportunity presented itself just 3 miles down the road at Parker Square. This opportunity would quickly double our space allowing us to invite more people, provide more class space and equipping opportunities.

We are still working through many of the details of the Parker Square option such as cost and projected timing. We have scheduled a Q&A session on Sunday, May 5 at 4:00 pm that we invite all members to attend.


What will the new location be?

Currently, the location is a school called Founders Classical Academy located in Parker Square.

Parker Square - Pano

What will become of our current property?

We will keep meeting and doing worship at our current location as we always have.

Where will we be in Parker Square?

Parker Square is located 3 miles east of our current location on FM 1171. As you head east and turn left (north) at the stoplight (Parker Square Road), you will face the area of the building.

Parker Square - from light

Who is this for?

It’s for everyone – children, students, college-age, adults. With more space, we will be able to accommodate more adult discipleship classes, open up more space for children and students, and create greater opportunities for our college-age group.

Will there be worship services there?

Yes. We will have worship services there.

Which staff members will be there?

All of our staff. We are one church, two locations. Our pastors will rotate in preaching between the two sites.

Is this a church plant?

This is not a church plant. The Parker Square location will have the same leadership, elder board, deacons, and staff.

Why are we doing this? What's our goal?

RockPointe’s mission is to make more and better followers of Christ and in doing so we always want to be able to receive people and make room for everyone.

This is a great outreach opportunity and provides a great solution to the challenges we are experiencing.

When would this happen?

If approved, fall 2020.

What's next?

We want you to be praying about this and ask all the questions you may have.

On 4/28 we will have a panel discussion as part of our services with some of our elders and leaders from our Strategic Team.

There will be a Q&A Session on 5/5 at 4:00p where we will look forward to answering all your questions.

If everything proceeds, we anticipate a church vote on 5/12.